Friday, May 22, 2009


This July, Leah and I will be celebrating 10 years of working at Portantorchas. There have been some incredible times. There have been some very difficult times. And most of the time, its just normal. Among those we have had some moments where we have truly been blessed by the students. Most of those have been individual, one on one situations. There have been a few intentional situations where the students have wanted to do something special for the staff.

I still remember five years ago how touched I was the first time a student let me know that they were praying for us as staff. Last semester, students interrupted our staff meeting, gathered around us and prayed for us. Then they brought us donuts. That week, unbeknownst to them, one of our staff members was making an important decision about taking a job that would pay him much more than what we could afford to pay, at a time when he could really use the extra income. I knew then, that he would choose to continue with us. Some moments truly are priceless.

This week, we had a beautiful event that I think will stay in my mind for years to come. The students prepared a wonderful meal for all the staff. They decorated the classroom beautifully. They designed personal invitations. They wrote each member a small note. They organized babysitting for the children. They prepared a great salad, a wonderful main dish, and an incredible dessert. They played a video of pictures of staff with students. Then they gathered in the room, layed hands on us, and prayed.

THANK YOU! You have been a blessing, and we will miss you all.