Tuesday, December 2, 2008

They're gone and we're not.

Students have all left, but one. As far as I'm reading most are home and doing well. This year was an exceptionally good one. Our students were young, and as Tom described it, their accident proneness showed it. Yet, year after year, it is encouraging to me to see such young men and women truly committed to serving Christ with their life and as their life.

This year, it was my turn to give the final lesson. To a degree, I don't really look forward to this. It's hard to be on the spot giving final "significant" words. To another degree it formalizes an event that we just want to be enjoyable and memorable. We served the students a turkey dinner (it was Thanksgiving after all.) I really enjoy seeing the staff serve the students, wash the dishes, pick up the plates. It reflects in a very real moment, what I hope is our attitude throughout the term. We are there to serve them. I think the students enjoy it as well.

Keep them in your prayers as they have to learn to put to practice some of those lessons they learned while here. Some of you havebeen there, and gone through your own cultural shock. Perhaps you could add some words of encouragement in the comments here for them.