Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Capital Fundraiser Update!

On December 8th I began the official capital campaign fundraiser for Portantorchas. Obviously, there is a little bit of jesting here, as I am obviously not expecting to raise $65 million dollars for the school. But there are some very real needs that we could use donations for.

Recently, somebody asked me how the capital campaign fundraiser was going. After two months, we have managed to raise $320 total on this attempt (I see Development Job offers lining up). These donations come from two sources, total. One of those donations was of particular encouragement to me. One alumnus sent a $10 donation through pay pal (check the link on the right column).

When I wrote her to thank her, this is what I received.
"Thank you for your Email! I am thinking very often about Port - and my aim is to come back one day as student, visitor or something else, we will see.
I am going to support you regularly. I don't know why that only occcured to me now, but better late than never ;-)"

Yesterday, I received the second $10 donation, and felt that I needed to publicly recognize that gift. Obviously I won't mention names, but I do want to say "Thank you."