Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Student Spotlights

So, thanks to facebook, I have seen what some of our alumni are doing around the world. The Message translates John 1:14 "The Word became flesh and blood,and moved into the neighborhood." I have believed that throughout Scripture, the Lord has strategically placed His people in order to maximize the shining of His glory through them, in different neighborhoods. When Adam and Eve were in the garden they reflected His glory. When Israel was given a land, it was a land in the center of the World, so that people would cross through it and see His glory. The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood, that we may see His glory. Today, the Word is doing the same through His people, the church. Simply moving into different neighborhoods in life to reflect the glory of Christ.

It is my intention to highlight these facts regarding our alumni. I want to avoid the typical Bible School cliché, where we talk about what God is doing through those who have chosen a path of full-time vocational Christian ministry. Of course, those of us in those positions "reflect God's glory." We get paid big bucks to do so. (those who know me can read the sarchasm intended.) I want to begin to include ways in that God is reflecting His glory through business people, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and even singles. There will be pastors, computer programmers, nurses, doctors, missionaries, and aquarium/pet shop owners. But I don't want to just assume that because someone is now in University, and a former Portantorchas graduate, she is necessarily reflecting God's glory. "Preach Christ always, and whenever necessary, use words." You heard this a million times here at Portantorchas. If you have never used words, I would wonder if people are hearing you preach Christ always. There ought to come a time when you share with people what Christ has done and is doing in your life, vocally.

Let us know what God is doing through you. What neighborhood has Christ moved into, through you? I would love to spotlight some of you. You can email me (mperez at leave a comment.